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RG Hilacious

RG Hilacious Son of El Hilal out of the gorgeous Desert Song RSI

A most worthy son of the all time leading Egyptian sire of winners and the progenitor of broodstock and stallions, Hilacious carries on the blood and type of these straight Egyptians through the rare Sheykh Obeyd focus.

RG Hilacious
RG Filacious A couple more snaps from Black Briar Oaks Arabians when Hilacious was there in Ohio. Hilacious is in Pennsylvania with Lesley Detweiler of Mountain Spring Farm and is available for breeding to select mares. RG Hilacious

All the horses go back in every line of his pedigree to desert source horses with no admixture of outcross blood, as defined by Al Khamsa, the Sheykh Obeyd Foundation, and the Pyramid Society. All the horses in the pedigree go back to the breeding programs in Egypt.

His pedigree explains his prepotency with both sire lines to *Ansata Ibn Halima and both dam lines to El Dahma. Links in his pedigree will take you to photos of those ancestors. Hilacious sires bay, chestnut and grey foals.

Pedigree of Hilacious

RG Hilacious
El Hilal *Ansata Ibn Halima Nazeer Mansour
Bint Samiha
Halima Sheikh El Arab
*Bint Nefisaa Nazeer Mansour
Bint Samiha
Nefisa Balance
Desert Song RSI Ansata El Salim *Ansata Ibn Halima Nazeer
Maarqada Fabah
El Maar
Soja RSI *Rashad Ibn Nazeer Nazeer
*Bint Dahma El Sareei
Dahma II

Hilacious photos slide show
Some photos from the album:
Hilacious over the years
the dam of Hilacious,  Desert Song RSI

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Desert Song as a foal from
Norton & Millie Grow
Desert Song as a young mare
by Sparagowski- from the Grows.
Desert Song as a mature mare.


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