Fort Fizzle

A Successful Failure

What occurred here was one among many in an American tragedy - the flight of the Nez Perce.

binocularsIn July 1877, scouting parties from the 7th Infanty at Missoula verified rumors that "hostile Nez Perce" were approaching over the Lolo Trail. Ordered to block the passage of the nez Perce, about 35 soliders headed up Lolo Creek where, on July 25, Captain Charles Rawn selected the terrace in front of you for his defensive position. His soliders, joined by citizenvolunteers, constructed a breastworks from earth and logs, and dug shallow rifle pits. Over 200 men joined forces to pervent the Nez Perce from passing.

About four miles west of here, at Woodman flats, parleys were held between the Nez Perce and Rawn's forces; the Nez Perce were ordered to surrender arms, ammunition, and horses. They refused, promising to pass peacefully.

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