The Entrenchment at Lolo Canyon

Otherwise Known As Fort Fizzle

Fort Fizzle historical site on Highway 12 west of Lolo, Montana

breastworks replica at Fort Fizzle

a replica of an etrenchment and breastworks similar to those built north of this point in July 1877

highway signs designating the Nez Perce and Lewis and Clark trails

the Nez Perce Trail and Lewis and Clark Trail overlap along Highway 12 past the Fort Fizzle site and Woodman School

All the Fort Fizzle content is verbatim, courtesy of the Lolo National Forest.

NeeNePoo forward iconAs their introduction to web page building, the seventh and eighth graders in Mr. Henderson's class at Woodman School reproduced the images and text from the Fort Fizzle interpretive area. Their tools include a digital camera, scans, early Photoshop, and HTML written in Simple Text on Macintoshes. Proofing was done in Netscape Composer.

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