Outwitted and Outflanked

One-half mile west of here, a steep, narrow ravine runs north from Lolo Creek. In the early morning of the fourth day of the standoff, the Nez Perce ascended the ridge next to this ravine. Using skills acquired by life in the mountains and plateaus of their homeland, Nez Perce elders, children, and wounded climbed the ridge with their herd of horses and headed east.

A screen of warriors appeared along the crest of the ridge north of you and taunted the soldiers below. The Nez Perce were now out-of-range and out-of-reach.

After descending from the mountains east of here, the Nez Perce passed peacefully through three separate ranks of volunteers and soldiers, some in route to, and others leaving, Fort Fizzle. The Nez Perce then turned south and began a leisurely trek along the west bank of the Bitterroot River.

illustration of Nez Perce on horseback
illustration of trees in the valley
Parting Shot
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