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Foaling has begun!

Bookmark this page and check for frequent updates.

And check for additions to the 2008 foal photos page.

2008 rainbow foals

color colt filly sire dam comment birth-
black SE colt   Ravenwood Al Mone Ravenwood Crystal Long legged, very pretty, and adores new friends 04/01/2008
black   SE filly Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Khedena Ravenwood Majesty black filly out of Ravenwood KhedenaSpectacular!! 04/11/2008
black SE colt   Qahtahn Ravenwood Bahiya Qahtahn black colt out of Ravenwood BahiyaTypical of this cross - very huge and very beautiful. 04/18/2008
bay   SE filly Ravenwood Majesty SD Meischa Mone Lovely filly out of our grand old lady - very exotic face! 04/20/2008
black   SE filly Sir Night of Dreams Ravenwood Siloete Very black, very pretty, and very full of spunk! 05/08/08
bay   SE filly Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Cody Ravenwood Majesty bay SE filly out of Ravenwood CodyAnother gorgeous baby of this wonderful cross 05/09/08
black & white overo ¾ Arabian colt   Ravenwood Monee Apache Song Ravenwood Monee 3/4 Arabian black & white overo colt out of Apache SongVery pretty and WOW on color 05/13/08
bay   SE filly Ravenwood Ibnmone Ever Egypt Ravenwood Ibnmone grey/bay SE filly out of Ever EgyptThis is a very beautiful young lady 05/14/08
black SE colt   Sir Night of Dreams Ravenwood Sunrise Leggy, lots of neck, pretty boy - what I was looking for. 05/19/08
grey   SE filly Ravenwood Majesty Cyndahh She finally did a filly and she is as pretty as her boys. 05/19/08
Black SE colt   Qahtahn Cassara We all know this is a great cross - another like the others. 05/19/08
chestnut SE colt   Ravenwood Fayez Ravenwood Sadiya Big athletic boy that anyone would adore 06/01/08
bay SE colt   Sir Night of Dreams Ravenwood Khamoni Very smooth long necked fancy colt 06/07/08
bay & white pinto ½ Arab colt   Ravenwood Monee Dolly What a fancy boy - looks and markings! 06/07/08
chestnut and white pintabian 255/256 Arab colt   Ravenwood Al Mone Ravenwood Excitement 255/256 Arabian and quite something special 06/15/08
black (grey?)   SE filly Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Passion First foal out of our orphan and she outdid herself 06/19/08
dun   ½ Arabian filly Ravenwood Monee Ghost This mare keeps putting out these beautifully colored beauties 06/20/08
black   SE filly Qahtahn Mone Memoree Big, black and amazing 06/21/08
bay SE colt   Ravenwood Al Mone Ravenwood America Early and tiny but healthy and perfect 06/21/08
black SE colt   Ravenwood Courage Ravenwood Krystal Beautiful combination of many of our horses 06/24/08
red dun   ¾ Arab filly Ravenwood Exotic Ravenwood Spirit What a wonderful filly she is! 06/24/08
bay   purebred filly Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Shalea 4th in a row of perfect fillies 06/25/08
buckskin   ¾ Arabian filly Ravenwood Monee Apache Maid That hidden dilute gene showed up again with real class! 07/05/08
Strain color codes
strain unknown Dahman Shahwan Saklawi/ Saklawi Jedran Saklawi Al Abd Abbeyan Om Jurrays Abbeyan Sharraki Mu'niqi Hadruj
Koheilan Rodan Koheilan Ajuz Koheilan Krush Koheilan Jellabi Koheilan Mimreh Hadban Enzahi ©Nile Muse 1997-2007

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