DA Ghazala's Gift

a photo of mare and foal a photo of mare and foal

Ghazala now lives at Woodvale Farm in Illinois, where she is the first Al Khamsa mare to join the harem of Martha Eberley's Al Khamsa stallions. Since she has been at Woodvale Farm, she has had a filly by Paul Maud Dib on July 3, 1998, to intensify the Doyle blood. A fancy fat star with a tail and three stockings. That filly and her Regina, the Raquii daughter, comprise Martha's growing Al Khamsa potential brood band.

"Zali" (Ghazala) will be bred to the Davenport "Flag," Flagship CF, and the Sierra Sand son, "Petie," Rich-Mar Saturn, in the future. (See stallion listings below.) But for the moment, we hope for a repeat of this 1998 filly with "Pauli," who is Doyle breeding with a smidge of Davenport.

Pedigree of June 1997 chestnut filly
triple The Egyptian Prince
Nile Regina

Nile Regina
Saklawiah Jedraniah
Ibn Sudan
Raquin RA The Egyptian Prince *Morafic
*Bint Mona
AK Zafira *Ibn Moniet El Nefous
AK Kebira The Egyptian Prince *Morafic
*Bint Mona
*Soheir II Fagir
DA Ghazalas Gift
1989 mare
Nile Saqqaara RG Sequoia Alcibiades
RG Sherifa
JM Faraas The Egyptian Prince
Safaara RSI
Fa Ghazala Parnell Ibn Gulida
Bint Ghadaf
Sierra Summersong Sierra Sand
Sierra Sable
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Martha Eberly
11320 Doubet Rd.
Hanna City, IL 61569
(309) 565-7224

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Rich-Mar Saturn
Sierra Sand x Aziza Nahlisa

Flagship CF
Regency CF x Persnickety

Paul Maud Dib
Dib x Bint Subani

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