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Museum of the Rockies "Wonderful Things" Egyptian Exhibit

These are a few of my favorite things.

Tut nuts should enjoy how skillfully the modern artisans copied the ancient pieces. Some are replicated nearly perfectly, like the transluscent alabaster wishing cup in the shape of a lotus flower. Marvel all the more at the finesse of the ancients in writing hieroglyphs, which skill few modern scribes will ever match. These glyphs spell out the wish, detailed glyph for glyph on another site:

"Live, thy Ka, and mayst thou spend millions of years, thou lover of Thebes, sitting with thy face to the north wind, and thy eyes beholding felicity."

*125. Inscribed lotus shaped alabaster 'Wishing cup' - Cairo *50. Wooden imitation folding stool - Cairo

The non collapsible stool of ebony fron Tut's tomb imitates a folding stool of Nubian design. Ivory inlays mimic the leopard skin seat illustrated on a famous wall painting in Thebes—shown below. The legs end with golden goose heads grasping the base cross pieces with their bills.

Tomb wall painting copy from the tomb of Huy: Lepsius expedition

Lepsius, "Denkmäler Aus Aegypten Und Aethiopien"

*106. Gold head of a leopard - CairoIn a scene copied from the tomb of Huy, the viceroy to Nubia, Huy receives luxury gifts from Nubians for king Tutankhamun. Emissaries wear and present exotic animal skins. Note that the gold leopard head on display originally accompanied a real leopard skin in the tomb. On the top right a folding stool with a leopard skin seat is similar to the wooden stool from Tut's tomb. A golden chariot among the tribute looks much like the queen's chariot.

Another panel of Huy's tomb portrays Tutankhamun enthroned in his kiosk with Huy paying respects to him as the extravagant gifts pile up.

Tomb wall painting copy from the tomb of Huy: Lepsius expedition

Lepsius, "Denkmäler Aus Aegypten Und Aethiopien"



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