Introduction to the Egyptian Horse in Ancient Egypt

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This avatar is just my fun experiment with Voki. It is meant to introduce the work I am writing about the horse in ancient Egypt. If the voice takes too long to load you can just read the short transcript below.

Text spoken by the avatar:

"Let me show you the pharaohs' ancient Egyptian horses on artifacts from all across Egypt. Behold the timeless prototype Arabian horse, seen proudly pulling golden chariots. You will see them gaily adorned with tasseled blankets, colorful plumes on their heads, and silver, gold, and bronze trappings."

Parts of my research are on the And the "Wonderful Things" exhibit illustrates ancient Egyptian horses and a full sized chariot.

table of contents MOR 'Wonderful Things' exhibit Anubis and Canopic shrines Tut's golden state chariot Horse images in the exhibit Some of the treasures in the exhibit These are a few of my favorite things Personal perspective about the exhibit

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