Egypt in Montana

Egyptian Revival Architecture ~ Missoula

I haven't spotted any gaudy Egyptian revival architecture in Montana, but I noticed the "modern" design of a couple of buildings in Missoula which employ the flaring cornice shape invented by the Ancient Egyptians. The ancients designed with the outward flaring corbel and corvetto style cornices in tombs, temples, pavillions, shrines, and even furniture and jewelry.

Egyptian inspired architecture across from the Missoula Fairgrounds

Has anyone else imagined this recently vacant building [May 2007] as an ideal site for a permanent Egyptian exhibit in Missoula? This building sprawls over a half block at 2300 Brooks across from the Missoula Fairgrounds. The adjacent section that houses Goodwill, and formerly Bob Ward's, is even more temple-like. It features the same cornice topped entrance with the addition of square pillared porticos. The pyramid shaped lighting fixtures look diamond shaped when they cast shadows.

Egyptian inspired architecture in the Garfield Plaza

An elegant building just off Brooks, the Garfield Plaza, is topped by corbel cornice molding all around, with a temple-like tower in the center. A post and beam style portico wraps all around the building.

Egyptian Junction

Egyptian inspired architecture? in Trempers Shopping Center

Not to be outdone, Tremper's Shopping Center across from the "Goodwill Temple" erected two tall pillared gateways echoing the same cornice. And now a block away a facelift on the old Tidyman's Market produced a pillared portico topped by a tower with a flaring cornice for Hastings. Malfunction junction has morphed into Egyptian Junction.

Please share any sightings of other Montana architecture inspired by ancient Egyptian design. the end

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