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The Battle of Kadesh ~ Asiatics Fleeing across the Orontes River

The Battle of Kadesh ~ Asiatics fleeing across the Orontes

Scene from the reliefs of the Battle of Kadesh. The Hittite troops, a horse and rider, and chariots and teams escape from Ramesses II by swimming across the Orontes. The mounted horseman droops backwards. Some men die in the water. The prince of Aleppo is held upside down by his countrymen to empty swallowed water. Note the courage of these ancient warrior kings who lead their troops into battle, unlike today's politicians in their guarded government buildings who mandate war for the young to carry out.

The horse carrying a rider through the river wears a breastpiece typical of chariot horses, with the square suggesting that this horse initially pulled a chariot.

From James Henry Breasted's A History of Egypt from the earliest of times to the Persian Conquest Charles Scribner's Sons 1905, 1909, 1910.

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