Kings' Horses that Sailed the Nile, Continued

Amenhotep III's Horses that Sailed the Nile

map showing the Wadi Natrun

Map 2 of northern Egypt highlighting the Wadi Natron, the ancient "land of Sheta," where Amenhotep III hunted the wild cattle.

Amenhotep III's scarab that commemorated his wild bull hunt early in his reign covertly tells us that he transported his horses and chariot by Nile boat:

"His majesty voyaged going down the stream in the royal dahabeah (the) Kha-m-maat during the night, he made a good journey, and reached in safety the land of Sheta in the morning." 1

the singular horse hieroglyph in the center of Amenhotep III's cattle hunt scarabThen he proceeded to mount his horse (or chariot) and hunt the wild cattle in the Wadi Natrun. Once again we are left to our imaginations to picture the horses as they travel on the king's boat. The young Amenhotep most probably brought his chariot also.

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