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Ephrata, Washington. In fact, Snowlion is feeling especially frisky with RG Joye on her way. It was kind of folks to send sympathy cards, but premature. Seward and Marian Aldrich, of Su Ma Arabians, welcome this tall, fancy SOF mare, Joye, to join Snowlion and their other Sheikh Obeyd stallions RG Desert Son and Sol RSI. Othello, Washington, Arabian Extravaganza May 10th. Egyptian horse history 101- "great people have great faults." Walter inspired listeners to be part of Egyptian Arabians' history. Consider a Babson horse, Walter said- there are only about eighty of each sex alive.

What a show! Sale horses, Bey Tshah Majik, and TC Moniets Legacy showed off. A baby son of the late Ibn Hossny strutted with his SPEAH mom who was raffled off. Hosts were Doubletree Arabian Ranch, Majik Arabians and Gold Creek Arabians.
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Somerset, Ohio. RG Hilacious is so cocky about his new harem at Black Briar Oaks Arabians, according to the shipper, that he tried to get a little action on a stopover on his way east. The way I heard it, he sauntered up to a zebra mare and whispered, "Take off the pajamas, baby, and let's get down to business."
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Paris, Kentucky. Overheard: The Tennessee Walker breeder from next door, seeing the extremely dished headed colt who had gone through a difficult delivery, sympathetically asked if the vet had done that to his head during delivery.

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