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~ The Mandala ~

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The Symbolism of Mandala

in Egyptian sculpture

All the ancestors of our beloved equine friends knew the desert and the Nile. References to our bloodstock emerge in sacred Egyptian, Hebrew, and Muslim writings. Now there are Egyptian horses all around the world. Horses as an archetypal symbol link naturally within the circle as an archtype.
The Mandala evokes the collective archetype of the circle, with no beginning, no end. It is inclusive, " as Egypt's richly polytheistic culture tended to accommodate, rather than to exclude " (Dr. Ogden Goelet). The mandala is found universally; Jung discovered that all cultures use the circle in their art and religious symbolism. He believed the circle was inherent in the human unconscious.
the cartouche
as a Mandala

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Ancient Egyptians symbolized eternity or totality with the shen - a circle with a bar on the bottom, perhaps evolved from the representation of a knotted rope. This may be the origin of the flattened, elongated cartouche which encircles royal names. The shen and the cartouche appear in Egyptian art, religion and jewelry. Look for future illustrations here of this enchanting symbol, which seems to appear everywhere once you think about it.
To see an Arabian horse's name spelled with hieroglyphs and encircled within a cartouche, see Raquii.


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