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The Nile Muse has been celebrating the Egyptian Arabian horse online since 1997. Egyptian horse breeders and owners publish their websites here to promote their breeding stock so they can continue to contribute to the preservation of the Egyptian Arabian horse.

The Nile Muse occasionally presents articles on ancient Egyptian culture, especially regarding the prototype for the modern Egyptian horse recorded 3500 years ago on Egyptian wall carvings, paintings and artifacts. [See Nile Musings.]

leaping stallions pull Ramses II's chariot at Luxor Temple

Egyptian Horses and their Owners

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The Nile Muse Website Design

The Nile Muse is Egyptian by definition. The webscribe's other sites are broader in scope. Enabling individuals to find economical solutions to promoting their products online is what it's all about. The Nile muse provides an especially good deal for Egyptian horse breeders accustomed to glossy magazine ads. They get the equivalent of a whole spread for the cost of a one-time single page in a trade journal. Plus tech support to keep their site online and updated throughout the year. What Satisfied Clients Say. alternate clients link for not JavaScript enabled browsers

Webscribe Professional Experience

The webscribe's horse admiring alter ego raised Egyptian horses for twenty-some years. The tech alter ego has written websites for six years, taught computer classes, and implemented software. The arty antiquarian alter ego majored in Art History at Berkeley. The adventurer alter ego trekked around Egypt for four weeks in 2003.

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Not presently accepting new customers. webscribe@nilemuse.com (406) 273-6693. Or webscribe.us.

row of horses pulling nearly invisible chariots at Luxor Temple

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