Drag and Drop Hieroglyph Designing

The Webscribe Hieroglyph Designer mingles a little history and whimsy. No one living knows exactly how the Egyptian language was pronounced. But we can spell our names the way the Egyptians did for the foreigner Cleopatra using approximate sounds symbolized by their hieroglyphs.

To design a name or a word in hieroglyphs, match the English sound to the Egyptian hieroglyph on the following pages. Grab your mouse, it's one of the modern scribe's writing tools. You simply drag the glyphs to a pleasing arrangement from any of four design styles:

Try the WikiHiero Hieroglyph Generator!

Now you can use the same hieroglyphs in the Gardiner sign list.

Design Help Popup Windows

Check out design, printing and spelling instructions as you design your hieroglyphs.

System Requirements

To design with these hieroglyphs you need a current browser like Netscape 7 or Internet Explorer 6 with JavaScript enabled. The pages are graphic intensive, so download time may be noticable.

Netscape 4 does not know how to display these Hieroglyph Designer pages. Please upgrade your browser and come back to play.

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