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Links to Egyptian Arabian horse resources

  • The Nile Muse ~ You are here.
  • Al Khamsa, Inc. ~ THE SOURCE for identifying the truly desert horse.
  • All Souls Arabians ~ Straight Egyptian Arabian Breeders focused on breeding consistancy, beauty, and athleticism.
  • Al Shama Arabians ~ Breeder bringing the beauty, companionship, strength and versatility of Straight Egyptian Arabians to Eastern Ontario Canada.
  • Amblin Arabians ~ Standing the SE/AK/Asil BL Eligible Stallion "Saareef"
  • Arabian Hills ~ Michigan breeders of Straight Egyptian Arabians.
  • Arabian Horses of Sequoyah Ranch ~ A small ranch dedicated to the preservation of the desert bred Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa horses for their beauty, intelligence, and loving disposition. raised with a gentle hand and a soft voice.
  • Avalondales Egyptian Arabians ~ A small farm specializing in quality horses that meet the needs of the rider in a variety of disciplines.
  • AWhitehorse - Egyptian Arabians ~ The "mother of all" sites - state of the art virtual and real-time art.
  • Arabian Horse Breeders Network ~ A collection of breeders including a great Egyptian section.
  • Arabian Horses of the Great Pyramids ~ Great farms forums with no nastiness allowed!
  • Baraka Farm & Studio ~ Egyptian Arabian horse breeder and international artist combine the fruits of their labor.
  • Cedar Ridge Farm Egyptian Arabians ~ Exceptional bloodlines to produce exceptional Arabian horses since 1984.
  • ~ The classy Arab Horse network now features Egyptian breeders for double eye candy.
  • El Shaddai Egyptian Arabians ~ breeds quality horses with extreme type, corect confirmation combined with great dispositions. Home of "Flying Colours MCA," a True Colours son.
  • Endurance Net ~ Endurance for novices, serious endurance riders, and voyeurs.
  • Fireside Manor Arabians ~ Breeders of Straight Egyptian Arabians. Stallions Standing: Black Al Khamsa Blue List, Grey New Egyptian. Beautiful boys.
  • Garrett's Arabians ~ A most memorable site in Egypt- gorgeous and informative.
  • HeatherWynd Farm ~ New site/ seasoned breeders/ webring/ worth the wait to load.
  • JEVA Farms ~ Exclusively Egyptian Arabian Horses
  • Kyobi Arabians ~ Straight Egyptian Arabian horse farm nestled in a picturesque western Montana valley
  • Mose Arabians ~ Breeders of fine straight egyptian bloodstock, standing four stallions with rare and sought after lines.
  • Nadara Egyptian Arabian Sport Horses ~ Breeders and trainers of straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Blue List, Sheykh Obeyd sport horses. We specialize in endurance and cross train in dressage and eventing.
  • North Wind Arabians ~ Raising Straight Egyptian horses for race, halter and sport. Using the *Morafic lines extensively.
  • Outlaw Trail ~ Egyptian Endurance Arabians .
  • Paradise Egyptian Stud ~ breeders of Straight Egyptian horses.
  • The Pharaoh's Horses ~ The On-Line Place for Breeders, Owners and Fanciers of the Egyptian Arabian Horse--a must-see!
  • The Pyramid Society ~ An international membership organization dedicated to the preservation of Egyptian Arabian bloodlines.
  • Stone Image Arabians ~ New site with horse and people families, on two Arabian webrings.
  • Shooting Star Arabians ~ North Texas breeders of Egyptian Arabians.
  • Snowfire Nature Emporium ~ Farm emphasis on bedouin strain breeding featuring a Straight black Egyptian Arabian stallion .
  • Storybook Arabians ~ Straight Egyptian horses in Texas with lots of web rings.
  • Summer Snow Farm Arabians ~ High class Egyptian horses are among the family members on Rankins'
  • Treff- Haven Arabians ~ Breeding Straight Egyptian and Egyptian related horses to produce exotically beautiful athletes.
  • Timber Ridge Arabians ~ Specializing in breeding Egyptian Arabian, Arabian and part Arabian Horses in Northern Idaho
  • Tuscani ~ A Solid Breeding Program, A Dedication to Preservation, Quality, Type and Disposition.
  • Wild Winds Egyptian Arabians ~ Concentrating on breeding Straight Egyptian Arabians that are also Al Khamsa, Blue List, & Asil
  • Windamere Arabians ~ High mountain California mare owners who breed to top stallions for each mare's ideal match.
  • WindCzar Arabians ~ A creative and pretty site with most lovely Egyptian horses.

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Egyptian floral bird design

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