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Nile Musings

Nile Musings Contents
Volume Article
Jun 07 Egypt in Montana [offsite link]
Mar 06 WikiHiero ~ Hieroglyphs online
Jan 04 v.2-1 Hieroglyphs on Tutankhamun's Alabaster Chalice
Dec 03 v.1-12 Tutankhamun's Painted Box
Nov 03 v.1-11 Nobles' Horses that Sailed the Nile
Oct 03 v.1-10 Kings' Horses that Sailed the Nile
Sep 03 v.1-9 Horses that Sailed the Nile — El Kab
Aug 03 v.1-8 Ptolemaic Royal Rider
July 03 v.1-7 Royal Rider
June 03 v.1-6 Amenhotep III's Bull Hunting Scarab
May 03 v.1-5 A Messenger on Horseback
Apr 03 v.1-4 A Horseshow in Egypt
Mar 03 v.1-3 Egyptian Riders on Horseback
Feb 03 v.1-2 Enemy Riders on Horseback
Jan 03 v.1-1 Nefertiti in Her Chariot

adapted from an Egyptian chariot reconstruction woodcut by Wilkinson first published in 1858

The Nile Muse
Celebrating the Egyptian Arabian horse online
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