Nefertiti and Akhenaton in their chariots on the Royal Road

Nefertiti: the Queen in her Chariot

Egyptian history's most famous queen is Nefertiti, renown for the gorgeous portrait sculpture with elegant neck and classic features.1

Wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, Nefertiti was accorded the high status of driving her team of Egyptian horses in her own chariot during the ceremonial procession pictured above.

Akhenaten was a lover not a fighter, so you won't find the typical war and hunting scenes glorified in his Amarna pagentry. Amarna chariotry glorified the regular ceremonial parade on the Royal Road between the king's temples and palaces.

The above scene in the chapel of the priest Merya at Amarna shows the Pharaoh and his Queen traveling in separate chariots along the Royal Road from the palace to the temple.

The Queen Nefertiti is depicted smaller and follows the Pharaoh. Like him, she drives her chariot, drawn by a team of chestnut horses, whip in hand, absent the usual driver.

Behind the Queen a retinue of princes in chariots and footmen follow, suitably much smaller than the Queen and Pharaoh proportionate to their status. The drawings reconstruct long lost details.2

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