Eternally Yours: Egyptian Horse Breeder Norton Grow
Egyptian Book of the Dead
CHAPTER LXIV (Reference)

This vignette represents the deceased in the presence of the solar disc which rises up in the sky. See Davis.
Eternally Yours ~ Egyptian Horse Breeder
Norton Grow

given life forever and ever [hieroglyphs]
Norton Grow
with his first straight Egyptian stallion,
Ansata El Salim
El Salim was by *Ansata Ibn Halima ex Maarqada

Norton and Ansata El Salim- Adele Furby photo

Another Ansata Ibn Halima son, El Hadiyi, also stood at Rafter G for a number of years.

Norton and Alcibiades RSI (*Rashad Ibn Nazeer ex *Bint Moniet El Nefous)
[see Alcibiades in the Heavenly Horses].

Rafter G Arabians in Prosser, Washington
Norton and Millie and some of the mares:

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