Egyptian Book of the Dead CHAPTER LXIV (Reference)
hieroglyphs from the book of the Dead
This vignette represents the deceased in the presence of the solar disc which rises up in the sky. See Davis.

~Eternally Yours ~
Egyptian Horse Breeder
Richard Pritzlaff

given life forever and ever[hieroglyphs]

Richard Pritzlaff
on his 1958
imported stallion,
*Rashad Ibn Nazeer
photo slide from the Joe Ferriss collection, via Tzviah Idan and perhaps Vincent Melzac.

*Rashad was a son of Nazeer out of a Koheilah Rodaniah daughter of Sheikh El Arab, Yashmac.

*Bint Dahma
1956 chestnut mare
from the 1958 importation
Bint Dahma (16098 bytes)
photo slide from the Joe Ferriss collection

*Bint Dahma (17823 bytes)
August 8, 1968
photo by Allan Brakenseik

*Bint Dahma was known as Kismet in Egypt, a daughter of El Sareei and the first Nazeer daughter, Dahma II.

Bint El Sarie by *Rashad out of *Bint Dahma

Bint El Sarie (28750 bytes) Bint El Sarie (26437 bytes)

Her daughter, Sariella, by Alcibiades,  produced
Scottsdale Top Ten Stallion Sar Ibn Moniet

1968 photos by Allan Brakenseik


Richard Pritzlaff and Faarad (Faaris x Fadba). Photo by Paula Beard

Many RSI horses resided and were bred at Rafter G Arabians by Norton and Millie Grow. Go to Norton Grow's page or start from Eternally Yours for more about Pritzlaff horses.

Ancient Egyptian cosmology might picture Mr. Pritzlaff comfortably riding an ancient Egyptian bark through the heavens, with all the heavenly horses he has bred or engendered through his extensive breeding program. No doubt he has his own version of his next state of existance. Indeed, he insured his immortality through the speaking and reading of his name in volumes, sheets, journals and the electronic heaven we call the Internet. The Khamsat and the Arabian Horse World have recently published tributes to this famous breeder. Each story tells of the same bedouin hospitality, cultured simplicity, and love and kindness for his horses. To have met him once at his place is to feel as if one knows him, for he embellished the portrait publicly in his advertisements over the years.

An instant of synchronicity charmed a March ranch tour by Mr. Pritzlaff. As this visitor timidly slipped out xeroxed lists of his Rancho San Ignacio horses from Al Khamsa Arabians and Asil Araber, Mr. Pritzlaff added his own xeroxed hand written sheet. From that moment he acknowledged his guest as a serious student of his program.

given life forever and ever [hieroglyphs]

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